Pick the right swimsuit for your body type!

 We've already written a post on finding the right swimwear for your body shape. Today we want to share with you how to find the right swimwear for specific areas you are struggling with such as larger chest, narrow hips and big bottoms.

There is absolutely no need to fret because at Mio Destino we have the perfect swimwear to make every body look fabulous.

Simply pick a body shape from our 6 drawings and follow this definitive guide (which can also be found on Help Pages).

swimwear-bodytype-smallbustSmaller bust.                                                               You lucky thing! A smaller bust can wear the most daring of swimwear, from bandeau, frilly to simple triangle tops.

If you're self-conscious about your bust (don't be!) you can try padded styles to give you that little extra lift and boost of confidence. Flaunt your fabulous ability to wear some of our most exciting new styles and brands.

Try Aguaclara’s Sirena Dorada Black Triangle Bikini set which is covered in gold and turquoise shell discs.


Narrow hips.                                                                 If your hips are narrow and look disproportionate to the rest of your body, try filling that area out with low slung swimsuit of bikini bottoms.

Boy style shorts look great on this body shape, as do bottoms with little skirts or added frills because you can afford to draw attention to this area!

Try Curvy Kate’s Birds of Paradise Aqua Swim Skirt, so cute!



swimwear-bodytype-bigtummyLarger tummy.                                                             Real women have a tummy so this is nothing to be ashamed of!

If your tummy is your 'problem' area, and is something that you want to draw attention away from, try opting for full bathing suits and focus on other areas.

Go for a Miraclesuit bathing suit as these have been made especially to slim and trim your body by using special patented Miratex fabrics. They also promise to make you look 10lbs lighter in just 10 seconds!


swimwear-bodytype-bigthighsLarger thighs.                                                             Contrary to popular belief, if you have larger thighs, you should steer clear of boy shorts, they cut your leg off at a point which makes your thighs seem larger than they are and your legs shorter.

To make your legs look longer and slimmer, go for higher cut style briefs, browse our Bikini Bottoms section to find your perfect match.




swimwear-bodytype-largebottomLarger bottom.                                                             If your bottom is something that you wish to draw attention away from, try a boy short or skirt. This will cover that area and leave you without the worry of a dreaded 'bottom munch' on your bikini briefs!

Curvy Kate has done a fabulous Coral Reef Malibu Adjustable short. You're going to look sizzling hot!




swimwear-bodytype-bigbustLarger bust.                                                                 If you have a larger bust, triangle bikini tops are probably not going to give you enough support, especially if you're active on the beach!

Therefore, any of our bikinis in our Big Cup Swimwear section are going to work for you and give you that extra little bit of support.

Feel sexy on the sand and flaunt your assets this Summer!

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