Welcome to Lee, the Mio Blog's new Sports Writer

Meet Lee:

As a youngster growing up, I always had the eternal dream of making it as a Professional Footballer.

Ups and downs are part of the deal when it comes to trying to reach a goal, but I stuck at it and am lucky enough to have played all over the planet doing something that the majority of little lads all over the UK want to do.

Brought up on the northern side of Hadrian's Wall, I have suffered the disappointment/embarrassment of being released by my first Pro club as a youngster and almost chucked the game completely. I decided to give it one last go and set off on a footballing odyssey that took me from my Tartan roots to Australia, Asia, Greece, back to my homeland and finally to my current employer in the second tier of English football.

As stated, football is my sporting drug of choice. But when you're in the boozer with pals, invariably, sport is a common denominator when it comes to topic of conversation.

So, if you're not down at the local for some reason or other, log on, have a read through my casual rantings on whatever sporting topic is on my mind that day and E-mail if you have an opinion or thought on any of the stuff that's up.

After all, opinions are what makes sport the fantastic topic of conversation that it is.

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