Un Escargot Fran�ais!

I'm proud to say that I finished the Paris Marathon in 26,498th place - yeah, I know... but at least I finished!...'he who dares wins Rodney' as the SAS (and Del Boy Trotter) say!

It took me 5 hrs 48 mins and at one point I was running so slowly that on video it looks like I'm
going backwards....Look, it wasn't entirely my fault, I know its wrong to generalize but the French organizers couldn't organize a 'Pisserie in a Patisserie' in my humble opinion. No drinks were available at the 'Drink Stops', 'incroyable, mais vrai'!!

Bits of banana (and I mean bits!) and oranges but NO WATER!!! Luckily part of the run went
through the Zoo, but you try stuffing your face in a Madagascan Lima's drinking bowl!!

The only blessing was that after finishing, my diarrhoea and vomiting were so bad I forgot all about the aches and pains in my legs. I'm not kidding it's been a tough recuperation...I reckon that Lima must have done 'his business' in his own drinking trough...anyway back to the loo!

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