The Wembley Arch

Wembley opened for the first time officially on Saturday. What a stadium, located in London - loads of seats, toilets, executive boxes and refreshment areas. So what about the studios for the T.V. stations - have they been forgotten?

Weren't Rob Mcaffrey and Alan Ball sitting on 2 seats at pitch side - that looked a bit two bob for the first official opening of the new national Stadium. Whilst I am on the case, I would have loved to see a capacity crowd for the first game and not loads of red seats.

Now, even though I am from Scotland, I still think the first anthem to be played in your national stadium should have been English, but maybe that's not fair.

It was a high scoring game and fair play to all the under 21 lads who have christened that surface. I still think John Terry should have been the first man to lead his team out to a full house in a big meaningful match.

There are a staggering 2,588 toilets in the stadium compared to the previous 356. Is this facility to use on the way out after another sickening performance or simply for the penalty shoot-outs?

The new stadium will also host a cup final party for the F.A. to thank all the important people in the game and all those who assisted them in their efforts to build the magnificent structure.

Table plans may even be drafted and one person not to be included is David Davies former personal assistant, Faria Alam.

Not to worry there might be an under table plan!


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