Surely it�s the right outcome��but maybe not the most memorable???

The suits at the FA will be rubbing their hands, the sponsors couldn't have got it any better if they had written the script themselves and New Wembley has the FA Cup Final it was built for.

This weekends FA Cup semi-finals have passed with Watford and Blackburn duly despatched from the tournament by the heavyweights of the domestic game.

Manchester United versus Chelsea is the perfect showcase...the first Cup Final at the ridiculously overpriced national stadium and, to be honest, I can't wait for the match.

United are still on target to emulate their amazing treble year of 1999 and Chelsea are looking to go one better and claim a first ever quadruple trophy haul in one season ! It's not quite the Rocky type of storyline as neither club are especially liked by the neutral football supporter..let's say it's more like Ivan Drago v Ivan Drago (if you're not a Rocky movie fan..get a life !).

Yup, it's Red v Blue, 1st v 2nd. it's gotta be the right thing, and probably is.

Most memorable? I don't think so.

Think about it, in 50 years time people would still be talking about Watford v BlackburnWhy?.. because they were our Rocky Balboa in 2007.

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