New Proposal to Revolutionise Football Internationals

England 0 v Israel 0

It's been the same old story for the England national team for the last 15 years. Good players wrong positions blah, blah, blah! I have also noticed that when you stop and speak to someone in the street or ask a mate if they've seen the game? The reply is always the same. I could do the job better than him (the England manager), why doesn't he play such and such?

Well this is my new proposal to liven up International matches. Let's have interactive team selection, so leading up to an international match, say 2 weeks before, we all vote for the players who should be in the squad via our T.V. remote controls. Once the squad is selected we will then select the team formation via the same process. Red for 4-4-2, Yellow for 4-3-3, Blue for 4-5-1 and Green for 3-5-2.

If the game is not going the way we want, we can all vote for a substitution. This would be simple - enter the number to leave and the number to come on. We could even get the crowd involved via remotes. Tell me any supporter that wouldn't enjoy that! We have the big screens at the games so let's use them.

Obviously there may be flaws but the first sub vote could be done between 45-60 minutes. There would also be the option to leave things as they are.

This is the new age of football!

We could then say that this is our team and we will support it through thick and thin.

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