What’s happening in the world of swimwear? On Valentine’s day, February 14th 2008 Speedo launched it’s latest and most advanced hydro-dynamic swimsuit following input from NASA, tests on over 100 specialist fabrics and body scans of over 400 of the wolrds elite swimmers.

Made from a water repellent, fast-drying and lightweight fabric that is ultrasonically welded together to appear seamless the SPEEDO® LZR RACER™ has been specifically developed to help hold the swimmers body in a more streamlined position and reduce drag.

Speedo claims that the suit has been independently tested and pronounced the ‘world’s fastest’ swimwear which would mean a 5% more efficient swimmer giving super athletes such as Michael Phelps from the USA, Libby Lenton and Grant Hackett from Australia and others wearing the suit in the Olympics in Beijing later this year a better chance of more Gold Medals and world records broken.

The swimsuit has now been approved by FINA (Fédération International de Natation Amateur), and Speedo’s® LZR RACER™ will be seen at national trials worldwide from March 2008.

The specialist material that is used is called LZR PULSE™ and it incorporates low drag "LZR" panels which create a corset-like effect that supports the swimmer in the best body position through the water and lets them keep it for longer. YUMMY, now you’re talking.....’corset-like’ is great for us girls after having indulged through the dark winter months on one or two romantic meals and a selection of chocolate boxes at Valentines Day!

Well the SPEEDO® LZR RACER™ swimsuit may be just what an Olympic athlete may require, but I think a Miraclesuit is more my style to hide those extra pounds, give me a great shape on the beach or by the pool and still make me look and feel great!

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