Tummy control swimwear

Tummy control swimwear from Miraclesuit


Tummy control swimwear range gives women extra support for the tummy when on the beach or by the pool. Miraclesuit swimwear is hugely popular now due to its use of Miratex® which is used in Miraclesuit tummy control swimsuits which soften and flatten the tummy to leave a woman feeling more confident and elegant. Miraclesuit swimsuits are very comfortable slimming swimwear from a hugely experienced designer swimwear brand.

Miraclesuit has been designing ladies swimsuits since 1992 bathing apparel and the Miracle suit tummy control swimwear allows all sizes and shapes of women to look and feel great in an hourglass shape. The Miraclesuit slimming swimwear has three times more spandex in the revolutionary Miratex®.

Miratex® is also very strong and durable due to the extra spandex and they are easy to slip on. Miraclesuit tummy control swimwear helps to hide the problem areas for a woman with clever design features such as folds in the fabric or disruptive patterns and colours (such as black, blue, white, green, purple, navy and red) whilst also using the Miratex® to shape and mould the womans body into a beautiful firm hourglass shape. The slimming swimsuit styles variously enhance the bust, reduce the waist, can make the hips look more slender and make the body look longer and slimmer.

Many other control swimwear brands use shaping material only in the problem areas like the tummy or the bottom but Miraclesuit control swimwear uses it throughout giving fantastic support and a seamless shape and a slimming swimsuit that does not loose its shape.

Miraclesuit makes many of its bathing suit designs as plus size swimwear and the brand has won many fashion awards and is regularly in fashion magazines.

If you want stomach reducing swimwear then Miraclesuit is an ideal choice.

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