Polka dot swimwear

Polka dot swimwear


Polka dot swimwear is very popular and has a classic retro and contemporary style. A polka dot fabric pattern has a series of dots that are often a uniform colour, say blue or white, though they can be multi-coloured. The polka dots are not always equally sized and spaced though many modern polka dot patterns tend to be uniform. The polka dot pattern is very popular in mens ties, dresses, polka dot bathing suits and lingerie.

Polka dots became popular first in the late nineteenth century in Britain and have never fallen from grace.

The term, polka dot, was first used as far back as the early 1870s in a magazine called Godey's. It is believed that the polka dot pattern takes its name from a popular dance of the time called the polka which lent its name to many products of the era due to its popularity.

Polka dot swimwear is immensely popular year on year and is sure to be seen in some form in most of the collections of the top swimwear brands such as Bond eye, Moontide, Cotton Club, What Katie Did, Miraclesuit, Aubade and Ted Baker.
Swimwear polka dots tend to be uniform on bathing suits but can be very irregular on polka dot bikini, polka dot tankini and polka dot halter top.

Polka dot swimsuits can have a very flattering effect on the body as the pattern tends to detract from any unwanted bulges.

Of all the polka dot swimsuit styles the polka dot one piece bathing suit must be one of the most popular.

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