Sleepwear Sale

Amongst all the lavish lingerie and stunning swimwear, we have plenty of snug sleepwear on offer. We know it is the summer sale and cosy pyjamas might not the first thing on your mind!

But think of the months ahead, when it is miserable outside and you just want to snuggle down in bed in your luxurious nightshirt. Or perhaps that special someone's birthday is coming up, nothing shows you care more than with a truly heavenly set of pyjamas.

Here are some of Mio's favourites in the sale

Mio Destino Kirsty Plum Passion Cotton Nightshirt

The divine Mio Destino Kirsty Plum Passion Nightshirt features with a rich purple and dusky gold paisley pattern. We love the feminine nightshirt design, with its flattering and simplistic touches. It definitely has the "oh I just woke up looking this good" vibe!

Mio Destino Veronica Iced Frappe Cotton Pyjamas

We think the Mio Destino Veronica Iced Frappe Cotton Pyjamas is the perfect idea as a present. The cream and black dotted pattern is fabulous for any complexion and a safe colour option if you are buying for someone else. With the black and light red floral trims, it adds a special touch to your gift that shows you really thought about the person in mind.

Mio Destino Jodi Forest Fusion Cotton Pyjamas

It is impossible not to enjoy the fresh and zesty colours of the Mio Destino Jodi Forest Fusion Cotton Pyjamas! The turquoise polka dot trims matches beautifully with the leafy floral pattern. With the light cotton fabric and the calming nature inspired colours, this set of pyjamas will ensure you have a good night of rest!

We might be incredibly biased showing Mio Lounge sleepwear, but can you blame us, especially when they are in the sale!

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