5 Great Reasons To Lounge in Your Pyjamas All Day

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We live busy lives filled with jobs to do, errands to run, bills to pay, cleaning to catch up on kids to look after, the list goes on and on. Now, we’re not suggesting you trade this all in on a permanent basis to become a pyjama wearing sofa dweller (aka sloth) but in the case of the busy woman the age old adage is true, a change is as good as a holiday. So get your diary out, find a day, clear your schedule and make a date with your favourite pyjamas. Treat yourself to this simple yet wonderful indulgence, a day where you don’t get dressed, don’t put your make up on, turn your phone on silent, ignore your emails and treat yourself some well earned ‘me time’. Here are our top 5 reasons to stay in your PJs all day along with our favourite sleepwear and loungewear pieces for you to choose from. Go on, buy your favourites and book a PJ day today; you deserve this.

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It’s A Rare Luxury

Time itself has become the ultimate luxury commodity. You don’t need to spend hundreds on a weekend away or a fortnight in the Bahamas to enjoy the luxury of time dedicate to ‘me’. Simply slip into these lush blue and cream satin Irall pyjamas with floral embroidered lace detail and allow yourself the indulgence of a day filled with nothing but relaxing in the comfort of your own home.



















Irall Grace Powder Blue and Cream Pyjamas










It’s SO Comfortable

A day spent at home without a to-do list is a wonderful thing made all the more wonderful without the fetters of our everyday clothes. The sheer ease of spending the day in your PJs is enough to help relax the body and forget all about the usual schedule. These Mio Lounge Blue Floral Bloom cotton ¾ length pyjamas are the perfect balance of style and comfort with their summery floral print and navy contrast details in crisp, cool cotton. Buy yours now.

Mio Lounge Blue Floral Bloom Cotton 3/4 Length Pyjamas Mio Lounge Blue Floral Bloom Cotton 3/4 Length Pyjamas










It Stops You Being Busy

We’ve all heard of power dressing for work, the idea that what your wear can affect your very psyche. Well the same is true of dressing for a day of relaxation. The simple act of keeping your PJs on lets your brain know it’s time to relax and lets face it, it provides a physical barrier to busyness too, I mean who’s really going to pop to the bank in their PJs? Put the kettle on and slip into these sumptuously soft Irall Daisy stretch jersey pyjamas in buttery cream and spot cappuccino print for a day of peaceful relaxation. Indulge today and buy now.

Irall Daisy Cappucino and Cream V- Neck Pyjamas Irall Daisy Cappucino and Cream V- Neck Pyjamas









It Takes You Back

Remember those childhood and teenage days of the sleepover when you and your friends would stay up all night watching chick flicks then spend the next day in your PJs munching breakfast at lunchtime and chatting till your hearts content. Wearing your PJs all day has a strong nostalgic element sure to take you back to this wonderfully simple time. Learn this life lesson from your former self, a girly day spent in your PJs is a day well spent. Why not try these cute little Irall Octavia II White and Navy Blue Sailor summery shorty PJs with nautical stripe top and stretch shorts from Irall for the perfect summer PJ day. Go on; spoil yourself today.












Irall Octavia II White and Navy Blue Sailor Short Pyjama Set










It’s Perfect For Pampering

There’s one kind of to-do list that you’re allowed to tackle on a PJ day and that’s a pamper to-do list. So grab your nail polish, hair treatment, face mask and get busy in the very best way. PJs are much more conducive to relaxing pamper treatments so go ahead and treat yourself. These classic Ahoy Sailor pyjamas from Mio Lounge are the perfect accompaniment to a day of summer pampering with their classic blue and white stripe cotton print and luxurious red contrast piping. Spoil yourself and buy today.

Mio Lounge Ahoy Sailor Cotton Blue Stripe Pyjamas Mio Lounge Ahoy Sailor Cotton Blue Stripe Pyjamas










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