Snuggle up in your favourite PJs

Don't you just love getting home from a busy day, getting your PJs on and snuggling up on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate?

We love a good set of pyjamas here at Mio Destino, especially now that the British Summer time is officially over. The nights are drawing in and it's getting colder so we need to pump up the heat.

We don't mean pumping up the heat as in radiators, because we all know the energy prices have gone up recently, we mean get your favourite PJs on and snuggle up with your partner or loved one to stay warm.

At Mio Destino we all have a favourite set of sleepwear, one loves their PJs whilst the other is extremely cosy wearing a nightshirt. There is one things that we all agree on, our sleepwear needs to look good and bring some colour to those dark nights!

Here are our favourite PJs for this autumn.


'And they called it... Puppy Love!' We have gone barking mad about these Mio Lounge pyjamas which have been suitably named 'Puppy Love'. The flannel pyjamas come in red check and have a puppy motif on the cuffs and collar. You can also opt for a Puppy Love robe or nightshirt.

If puppy's aren't your thing and you're a bit of an explorer then the 'Highland Dream' is just the nightshirt for you!


Of course you'll need a robe to go with your favourite PJs and you will look 'Berry Smooth' in this check robe.


Go to our website, have a look at our Mio Lounge nightwear and get yourself a new pair of favourite PJs!

You might want to add them to your Christmas wish list or buy them as a Christmas present.

Go and get snug!






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