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  • Indulge in French Lingerie Luxury - Announcing New Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Silk Lingerie and Sleepwear

    Lise Charmel Luxury Silk

    Indulge in French Lingerie Luxury.

    Lise Charmel have released a breathtaking new collection showcasing French lingerie design at its most luxurious. Decadent silk in deep jewel tones combines with intricate gilt embroidery and contrasting floral lace to make the Splendeur Soie collection as enticingly tactile as it is visually appealing. Spoil yourself now.
    Luxurious Lingerie
    Treat yourself to a bra and panties from Lise Charmel’s Splendeur Soie collection. Each piece features embroidered lace with delicate fan motifs surrounded by softly swirling leaves and scalloped edge detail. Choose from midnight navy, amethyst purple and emerald green silk. Pick yours now.

    Sensual Sleepwear
    Sleep is the ultimate luxury in a busy world - make yours even more luxurious in Splendeur Soie sleepwear. Choose from classic silk and lace pyjamas, body skimming full length nightdress, shorts and vest or slinky chemise. Bring a touch of romance and luxury to your nights with Lise Charmel’s new collection. Shop today.

    Be charmed by new Lise Charmel Splendeur Soie Collection. Indulge now.

  • Spring clean your lingerie wardrobe and put the tired wardrobe in storage!

    Have you looked in your drawer and found your lingerie looking a bit dull or tired after months of winter wear? Good news, spring is nearly here and it’s time to wear those bright, vibrant colours again!

    There’s nothing like a spring clean to cheer one up and get ready for summer. Why not get all of your clothes that you had forgotten you own (and maybe wonder why you ever bought them), and put them in self-storage, into a charity store or EBAY them.

    Keep the good stuff and be tough on the rest. Remember if you haven’t worn it in a year, are you really going to wear it in the next year? After all there is probably a very good reason you have passed the garment over in favour of others for so long.

    Be honest with yourselves! If it doesn’t fit anymore, are you really ever going to get in it again without some kind of superhuman effort! If you don’t like the garments and you don’t feel good in them then send them to the tip, unless someone else could make good use of them.

    If they are old and tatty then, do you really want to be caught in them – even down at the garden allotment?

    If something has sentimental value then package it safely and stick it in the self storage, but otherwise just move on.

    Once you know what space has been liberated in your wardrobe, you will know what you have to play with in terms of re-stocking new lingerie, and at Mio Destino we can help you with that.

  • Top 10 things to do for her this Valentine's Day

    Valentine's day romance ideas

    Show her just how much you care with this fool-proof list, giving you the best things to do for Valentine's day this year!

    1. Are you a bit of a Jamie Oliver in the kitchen? Cook her something special that you know she loves. This is a great opportunity to really set the mood with candles and a beautifully set table.

    2. Pick a scenic route and take her for a countryside stroll. Pick somewhere quiet and beautiful so you can really focus on each others company and the surroundings that you are in together.

    3. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to pick up a pen and write your loved one a letter, telling her why she is special to you. A letter is something she can look back on whenever she needs a pick-me-up, to remind herself that she is always loved.

    4. Make her a mixed tape (or in modern day terms, create her an iTunes or Spotify playlist!). Its great to share your music taste with your partner, but be sure they are songs she will like as well!

    5. Leave her little notes to find. This is especially great if you have to be apart for a while on Valentine's Day. Pick some places you know she will go around the house, maybe the cereal box, her dressing table or the bathroom mirror, and write her a note or draw her a love heart to make her smile.

    6. Treat her (and you!) to some sexy lingerie and stay in this Valentine's Day. Choose something she will enjoy wearing and you would love to see her in. It's an ideal chance to show her how sexy she is, and to bring romance and spark into your evening.

    7. If you've been together for a while and perhaps sharing a house together, Valentine's Day is an ideal chance to buy yourselves a pet! Is something you can both love and care for together, and can bring you lots of fun and joy.

    8. Take a road-trip. Drive along the country lanes together, enjoying each others company. The destination shouldn't matter, so it is the journey that you can focus on, taking stops along the way to enjoy the views and see what you discover along the way.

    9. For the hopeless romantics, buy her a picnic full of her favourite things to eat and take her out to a lovely spot in the countryside and enjoy an outside feast together. Don't be too put off by the colder weather, cuddle up and drink hot chocolate from the flask to keep warm!

    10. It's a classic, but every lady loves flowers. They brighten up a room with happiness, and she will love them all the more when they are from you. So treat her to her favourite bunch and pop them on the breakfast table for Valentine's Day morning!


    Happy Valentine's Day,

    Love Mio Destino x

  • Mio Destino January Sales have arrived!

    It's here! Our January Sale Has Landed

    Start off the New Year with beautiful new lingerie, sleepwear or swimwear at a bargain price in Mio Destino's January Sale. Many more gorgeous new products have been added to our sale for you to enjoy. Shop our amazing discounts below.

    Shop by your favourite brand:

    Mio Classic Mio Sexy Mio Lounge
    Mio Retro Mio Swim Mio Luxe
    Lepel Charnos Gossard
    Curvy Kate What Katie Did Lise Charmel
    Di Murini Silhouette Gracya
    Aguaclara Ambra Roza
    Antinea David Fred & Ginger
    Maria Bonita Miraclesuit Seaspray
    Shop by discount percentage:

    10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%

    Treat yourself to a bargain new lingerie set to feel fun and flirty for the new year. Shop the complete Mio Destino sale today.

  • Get Ready for a Tutti Rouge Sexy Flashmob!

    There is just no holding back fabulous big cup brand Tutti Rouge! Tomorrow (Saturday 5th December 2015) they will be holding their very own Flashmob in Leicester. Onlookers should ready themselves for burlesque dancers and a police chase!

    Click here to find out more

    They will be wearing the Tutti Rouge Jessica bra, specially chosen for its sexy uplifting boost:

    Tutti Rouge Jessica Bra with feature in flashmob













    Take a look at our complete Tutti Rouge collection at Mio Destino.


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