Lise Charmel Fragrance Voyage

Recently we posted a piece about our new Eprise by Lise Charmel Parfum d'Evasion Fragrance Blue and Cream collection (give it a read if you haven't already).

For those with a smaller chest who really like the new Eprise pieces, we have just added a number of stunning pieces from the Lise Charmel Fragrance Voyage collection to our webstore which are practically the same just available in smaller sizes.

Take a look for yourself.



This lovely set is the Lise Charmel Fragrance Voyage in Midnight Blue and Cream. The Underwired Triangle Bra with matching String make for an elegant yet young look. The Mightnight Blue and the Cream really go well together making it an easy set to wear everyday but it also has that elegance that you can wear it for a special occasion. There is also a matching Nightdress available.


The pieces in Lise Charmel's Fragrance Voyage Collection look very similar but there are different colours to choose from such as this lovely Coral and Cream set plus every piece has something unique. The Coral and Cream Demi Cup Bra has a cut out feature with a tiny diamond shaped pendant. Wear the bra with the matching Fancy Brief.



The final colour we have available from Lise Charmel's Fragrance Voyage is the Yellow and Cream. The golden yellow against the cream in this Lacy Padded Bra is stunning. Paired with the beautiful lace and embroidery you can't go wrong with this set. The matching Shorty is a definite must.

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