Fifty Shades of Grey the film

We are Fifty Shades of excited here at Mio Destino about the film adaptation of EL James' book that has made knees tremble all over the world. You all know which book we're talking about... Fifty Shades of Grey!


Now that the cast is slowly coming together we can't wait for next year, the film was set to be released in August 2014 but as the casting had a slight hiccup, this date might be pushed back....

The lovely Dakota Johnson, best known for her role in sitcom Ben and Kate, will be playing the role of Anastasia Steele. We were disappointed to find out that sexy Charlie Hunnam backed out of playing Christian Grey but are very pleased with his replacement, former Calvin Klein underwear model, Jamie Dornan. It is even rumoured that Katie Holmes will be playing the role of Elena.

Only time will tell but we will be definitely be scoping around for more updates!

If you haven't read the Fifty Shades of Grey books then you simply must! We have the complete trilogy available at Mio Destino and really recommend them.

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This is the ultimate collection of bedroom accessories which includes an eye mask, neck choker, side tie briefs, wrist tie and garter. All the pieces come in reversible satin designs allowing you to explore your sweet or sexy side in white & black or red & black.

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