Why Bullet Bras are our go-to garments for vintage glam

vintage bullet bras from what katie did





In the good-ol days of Marilyn Monroe and Patti Page, bullet bras were at the forefront of fashion. They were popular in the 40s and 50s with pin up models to create that pointy bust shape under clothing that was a high fashion statement. It was a time of sassy glamour, and we still adore the look today; vintage style is a massive part of our society, and loved by so many. Bullet bras are worn for a sexy vintage look, especially when teamed with suspender belt and briefs.

We have fabulous brand What Katie Did to thank for the re-introduction of the Bullet bra. They have used beautiful soft satins in black, white, red and peach pink to bring us a gorgeous, diverse collection of bullet bras.

Discover your vintage glam today with the beautiful What Katie Did bullet bras

What Katie Did Cabaret Peach Bullet Bra

what katie did peach satin bullet bra


Get vintage sexy with this beautiful peach bullet bra. The cups are expertly crafted from organza and satin, featuring circular stitching around the ‘point’ for authentic retro style.





What Katie Did Padded Black Satin Bullet Bra

padded satin black bullet bra


What Katie did also sell padded bullet bras, such as this gorgeous black satin bra, featuring retro circular stitching around the glamorous bullet bra ‘point






What Katie Did Marlene Red and Peach Bullet Bra

what katue did satin bullet bra in red and peach


Adore the screen siren look of this bullet bra, with sumptuous red satin and peach organza cups with the retro circular stitching.






What Katie Did Lulu Red and Black Bullet Bra


Lavish and sexy bullet bra in red satin, featuring black lace overlay and circular retro stitching for a gorgeous look.







What Katie Did Bullet Bra Pads

bullet bra pads


You can always add some pads to the non-padded bullet bras. They are available in black or white. Simply insert them into your bullet bra for added shape and support.






Indulge in the vintage look today and explore the whole What Katie Did bullet bra collection to find your favourite.

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