3 must-haves for a ravishingly retro look

Mio Retro is our own exclusive brand, specially designed to bring retro Hollywood glamour into the bedroom. We use beautiful satin with a polka dot lace overlay to create an elegant design that you will adore. We have chosen 3 much-loved vintage garments to base our range on.


Mio Retro Corselette in dashing red and purple








Mio Retro Corselettes was £49, now £39.25

The corselette is a vintage style undergarment, most prominently associated with the early 1900s. It combines the bra and corset into one, tightly fitting the torso for a slim silhouette, featuring cups for support. Our Mio Retro corselettes are crafted with semi-firm control for great shape, and have been designed with sexy edge, making them a gorgeous boudoir option.


Mio Retro girldes for a vintage boudoir look










Mio Retro girdle, was £39, now £31.25

Girdles were popular in their 1900s, and between the 20s and 60s were a key piece of lingerie for every women. They were used to hold up stockings, as well as pull in the waistline; in those days it was fashionable, even respectful, to have a slim silhouette. Our Mio Retro girdles celebrate the traditional style but offer a sexy twist with pretty lace, satin and colours. They have semi-firm control, built to give you a great shape without being unhealthily tight!

Suspender belt

Mio retro suspender belts make your vintage look to die for










Mio Retro Suspender belts, was £29, now £23.25

Suspender belts feature suspender straps used to keep stockings and suspenders in place. Such straps have been used for centuries, dating back to Edwardian times when suspender traps were attached to the bottom of corsets. Then, with the introduction of evolved elastics in the 1920s, it was easy to make suspender belts their own, individual garment. Our beautiful Mio Retro suspender belts are decorated with classy polka dot lace over satin.

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