Women to go to work in their underwear

Women Working in their Underwear
Giving a new meaning to ?dress down Friday??

Taizhong, TAIWAN ? A Taiwanese lingerie business asked all female staff to strip off for work on 21 November. The Audrey Underwear Company requested that the 500 female employees at the firm?s headquarters spend the day in their underwear to promote what management dubbed ?Camisole Day? last week.

The company?s PR manager explained that Audrey Underwear had sold over 20 000 camisoles in less than two months and decided to celebrate by naming 21 Nov ?Camisole Day?.

The company states that 90% of the female employees complied with this (un)dress code on Camisole Day. Employee Zhang Yufeng, 32, said: "I have been on a strict diet to get ready for the day? When I was trying on my outfit at home, my husband told me I should dress like this every day."

Another employee, Liao Wenshen seemed similarly happy to comply with management?s decision: "The men were red-faced all day, and were becoming so polite to us? It's so funny!"

Company lawyer Wu Juanyu, however, voiced some objections:
"Some women may feel forced to join in because of peer pressure and job competition," said Wu. "I don't know if the company is selling underwear or women's bodies."

I want to know why the male employees weren?t instructed to bare all?

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