Valentine's Day Matchmaker

As Valentine's Day is nearly upon us you are probably wondering what you will be getting your loved one. Lingerie is a definite must according to us here at Mio Destino. But what do you get her, does she like black lingerie, would she rather have pink or maybe red?

We have come up with our Mio Destino Valentine's Day Matchmaker so you can see what Valentine's Day lingerie fits your sweethearts characteristics the most.

Is she a plain Jane, a lady of Elegance or a Sexy vixen? Let's find out shall we...

If the lady in your life is full of lust, love and excitement but feels the need to resolve negative issues then she is a.......... Sexy Vixen. This means you should be taking a look at our Red Hot section of in the Valentine's Day store.


Does the lady in your life ooze sophistication and sincerity plus is she made of sugar and spice and everything nice? Then your darling is a Lady of Elegance and Pink is her colour. Head on over to our Sweet Pinks section in the Valentine's Store and pick something you know you'll both enjoy.


Is having an expensive taste one of your lady's characteristics paired with sophistication? Then Black is the colour for her, black can be seen as the colour for a Plain Jane but if you browse through our Sexy Black section in our Valentine's Day store you will see that Jane really isn't that Plain (and extremely sexy for that matter).


If none of the characteristics really match the love of your life then she must be off the charts! If any of these characteristics ring a bell, she's competent, authoritative, powerful and likes high quality, then get her something from The Royals in our Valentine's Day Store as royal blue or purple will match her effortlessly.


Happy Valentine's Day shopping!

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