To Australia by Bus? Check out the OzBus

Love to go to Australia but feeling guilty about your carbon footprint? Now, you can go on holiday to Australia, or vica versa, overland by BUS. The Ozbus has been touted as a more environmentally way to travel, emitting only about one-quarter of the carbon emissions of the somewhat faster flying alternative.

The company running the trip is called OzBus and is based in London and Sydney. It is the creation of passionate traveller, Mark Creasey. Initially, people thought he was crazy to consider such a venture but he persevered and eventually achieved his goal.

Every year tens of thousands of travellers set off to the other side of the world seeking the thrill of adventure. The trouble is most of them just do the same old thing. I wanted to set up a service that not only delivers them to their destination, but also lets them visit and experience the amazing world they would otherwise be flying over. And besides, What could honestly be more fun or rewarding than participating in the world's greatest overland journey and sharing the adventure with a truck load of young likeminded souls?

So if you've got twelve weeks and £3700 to spare, and a yearning to travel overland through 20 countries covering 13474 miles, the OzBus might be for you! Probably not for the intolerant, space-requiring, luxury-oriented traveller!

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