Pyjamas required! It’s World Pillow Fight Day

Last Saturday was not just a normal day. It was a chance to re-discover a childhood game, act irresponsibly and be allowed to wear your favourite pyjamas. The 4th April was World Pillow Fight Day! Events took place across the world to mark this day.

In Poland over a thousand members of the public gathered to try and break the Guinness World Record for the most people in a pillow fight simultaneously. It took place in the city of Krakow and was organised by students from the University of Economics.

Across the world in New York, pillows were swinging at 3am as a planned after party took pillow fight over Wall Street. Feathers didn’t fly though because rules stated that no feather pillows could be used, swinging at unarmed participants was banned and glasses must be removed beforehand! Other cities taking part were London, Amsterdam, Budapest, Cape Town, Cardiff, Hamburg, Melbourne and many more.

So if you missed out what are you waiting for? Put your pyjamas on and get back to bed, pillows at the ready!

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