Pyjama Party

Pyjamas aren’t usually considered traditional attire for a wedding but a couple from Darlington decided to celebrate their wedding day by wearing pyjamas. Eric MacDonald and Yvonne Priestley also asked the guests to wear pyjamas and instead of wedding gifts, they asked that the guests donate money to Macmillan Cancer Care. MacDonald explained, “Yvonne said she did not want to look like she had come off the top of a toilet roll, and I joked that I would marry her in her pyjamas if that was what she wanted. Yvonne being the person she is didn’t want to just settle for that, so we decided to donate the wedding gifts to charity.”

Both had lost people to cancer, and felt that it would be nice to give something back. The bride wore a pair of ivory silk pyjamas, while the groom wore a pair of black and white checked pyjamas with ‘just married’ sewn onto the back. They married at Darlington registry office and a breakfast and reception followed at a nearby restaurant. The couple met seven years ago at a nightclub in York. MacDonald, 52, works at Asda, whilst Priestley, 36, works at Millets.

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