Punch Bag Packs a Smelly Punch

CINCINNATI The Heckel family decided to open their TKO-brand punching bag before moving it, to check what was inside it in case it leaked. They guessed it would be sand. It wasn't. The punch bag was full of underwear! Both mens and womens some of it used!

Joe Heckel said that the smell was "bad, real bad." He found "bras, thongs and bathing suits inside the bag.

The assistant at the store where the bag had been purchased was at first unwilling to believe Joe Heckel when he called to complain.
I'm a cop, I'm telling you that's what's in there! Heckel explained. The assistant then conceded that he�d never looked inside a punch bag so he wouldn't know.

A representative for the manufacturers, TKO (Technical Knockout Inc.), has stated that the underwear in the bag was a 'quality problem' that is being dealt with. The employees responsible for the decision to fill the bags with underwear have apparently been fired.

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