Lingerie, Why Men Should Leave It To Women.

Seventeen British men have been released by Greek officials after spending a night in the cells.

Wearing sexy lingerie and nun’s habits the men aged 16 to 65 were arrested according to the BBC ‘for wearing nuns' habits and accused of offensive behavior’ in the infamous Greek resort of Malia, Crete. The article also went on to say that ‘the BBC's Malcolm Brabant said the men, all from the Bristol area, went out dressed in habits and saucy lingerie, lifting up their skirts to reveal bottoms and G-strings’.

Over the years Malia has gained a reputation as ‘party central’, a title previously given to noisy resorts such as Faliraki or Kavos. Britons behaving badly is unfortunately a recurring theme in these Greek resorts and one that gives the UK a bad name.

Mio Destino thinks that perhaps the men should leave the sexy lingerie to us women! We wear it so much better – without causing so much offense!

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