Ditto and Dixon Strip

Most women like to keep their control underwear a secret. Unlike sexy lingerie, control underwear is discreet and gives the illusion of a slimmer figure. However, the Gossip front woman Beth Ditto is never one to contain herself and at Radio 1’s Big Weekend festival she revealed more than the crowd was expecting when she pulled up her dress to the waist and revealed her underwear.

She entered the stage in Swindon in a pretty but skintight, purple, asymmetrical dress, but the plus size star obviously needed to be able to move around the stage more than her restrictive dress would allow. Beth, 27, has also appeared naked on the front cover of NME and Love magazine. If she wanted to show off her underwear on stage, she should have chosen one of What Katie Did’s shapewear pieces which are worthy of the attention. The Glamour Shapewear will create a smooth line under your clothes and provide comfort and gorgeous vintage style.

Over on another stage at the Big Weekend, singer Alesha Dixon captivated the crowd in an equally clingly outfit of red leggings and a corset which said ‘Let’s Get Excited’, the name of her latest single, across the front. Alesha flirted on stage with the male dancers and sang some of her best known hits.

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