Flasher Court in the Act

Court Room Flasher

It?s fair to say if you ever end up in court accused of a crime, the one thing you don?t want to do (aside from insulting the jury), is commit the very crime you are accused of in the courtroom. That though is exactly what a 60-year-old German man did who had been accused of ?flashing?.

Yes he was accused of being a flasher and then proceeded to do just that in full view of the courtroom. His lawyer must have put his head in his hands before walking out shouting, ?the bill is in the post!? Apparently he views his body as ?a work of art.? Fair enough, but don?t try this line in the courtroom! Instead he should have entered ?himself? as a Turner Prize piece ? might have won too.

New charges were filed against the man and he might well be sentenced to ?a long stretch??

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