Your Granddad�s Cardigan � The Next Big Thing (really)

The age old wardrobe staple, the cardigan has made a dramatic comeback!

The cardi has always been around it seems (usually moth eaten at the back of the wardrobe) and a few years ago, it underwent a bit of a makeover for the likes of us girlies. Just like the skinny jean look, this one has been stolen by you men, with more and more adhering to the trend.

Now for a bit of history guys (don't say you don't learn anything from my blogs!), the cardigan was named after James Thomas Brudenell who was the 7th Earl of Cardigan and who led the British Army during the Crimean War. Brudenell obviously had to be extremely brave and manly to lead an army, so stop those lame attempts at passing them off as girly - he definitely wasn't girly and he had the darn thing named after him!

The common idea of both male and female cardigans in the past has been that they would be better suited on your five year old cousin Molly, or keeping your granddad warm by the fire on a chilly night, but this way of thinking has changed. The Spring/Summer 2007 catwalk shows for men were dominated by cardigans with different twists from the likes of Paul Smith, D&G and Paul & Joe.

The style has been made all the more trendy with stars such as Vernon Kay and Simon Amstell from T4 as well as the likes of Jude Law and Russell Brandt, who have been seen wearing the good old cardi which has helped increase sales. They have also helped to show how and who should wear them - as with most new trends, not everyone can get away with it.

The thing all guys off the television, who have been seen wearing the cardigan, have in common is a similar body shape. They are all of a slim frame and fairly tall, with quite broad shoulders and help to give a kind of cool geek vibe which is very sexy! Don't try to wear it if you are quite bulky or short in height or you really will end up looking like your granddad (if you like that sort of look then go ahead).

Next is the type of cardi to wear. David Beckham was seen wearing one of the chunky knit variety which are quite thick and heavy. This was a definite no no and I would advise that all men stay well away. It didn�t look good on Beckham so it will not look any better on anybody else! The best kind are the thinner knits which can still be worn over a t-shirt in the summer months, the hot colours at the moment are grey and pink and other pastel shades for the adventurous! Look on Asos for a great selection from designers such as U by Umbro, Topman, River Island and Burton all do the latest designs with stripes, pockets and other embellishments at really good prices. For all those tightwads out there who despise the thought of spending to look cool, don't ask your granddad to borrow his it's really not the same thing.

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