Womens pajamas can be sexy

French cotton pajamas


Who said pajamas for women can't look erotic? The French designer brand Le Monde d'Alba have produced the Coba Cappuccino Wrap Pajamas which are most definitely an ultra sexy pajamas.

Looking like Japanese pajamas these beautiful, hand crafted cotton pajamas certainly have an oriental feel to them in the styling and the design.

The luxurious wrap-around cappuccino pajama set with drawstring bottoms are finished with a delicate aqua print. Cleverly made to wear as sleepwear or loungewear from 100% sateen cotton they are the perfect choice for the guy looking for the perfect present. Elegant, unusual, comfy and exotic with a little room for error if you don't get her size right.

Buy pajamas online now and snuggle up on an breezy Autumn evening.

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