Wedding SOS! Guys - What you should be wearing

It's coming up to that time of year that most men dread and that us women on the other hand, LOVE!! Yes that's right, it's almost wedding season!!

For us ladies, obviously its an exciting time. For us, it's the chance to get really dressed up (and I mean really!), have matching everything, get a bit tipsy at the reception and fall into the arms of our special someone and really get across our romantic side!

However, most men just don't seem to see this magic and romance and tend to think of it as a chore whilst others just see it as an easy opportunity to pull some even easier bridesmaids. One of the worst things for a single guy at a wedding is the chance of being thoroughly embarrassed by your aunt Trudie telling the fit stranger on the next table how you used to follow that girl in the year above because you thought it would make you seem cute and hopefully secure a date, but next to that is deciding what to wear. This is bad enough for men at the most insignificant of occasions but at a wedding where the aim is (in bloke world) to pull, it is a complete nightmare!

For those of you men who are attached (and also the groom) you don't have to worry about this as your other half would have most probably picked out an outfit for you the minute the invitation hit the mat, but for those of you who are carefree and single, there are some ways to dress and not look like a complete idiot!

The main thing to do is to really read the invitation as this will usually guide you to how formal you should go. If it is a very posh black tie do (these will usually be in the evening) and you are just an ordinary guest, you should stick to a formal black suit and alternate on the shirt and tie colours, from plain white shirt to look more modern. You should still try to wear a lighter coloured shirt than tie though try wearing the same coloured shirt and tie but in different shades. If you are involved with the wedding party on such an occasion, you will probably be required to wear a tuxedo.

Darker shaded suits and tuxedos should also be worn for evening weddings and those in winter months. Look on Fall on for men and King and Allen for ranges of made to measure and designer formal suits.

For an ordinary summer wedding which is what is common, try to avoid dark colours and heavy fabrics such as wool. These types of weddings will usually be during the day too so not only will you be too hot but you will look too dressed up and over-the-top if you wear a black suit. Instead, you should still appear formal but in a laid back manner. Try wearing a lighter coloured suit. There is a lot more variety within colours these days in men's suits, unfortunately this does mean you will have to delve into those pockets to purchase such a product!

For a formal suit which looks like you haven't tried too hard, try wearing a lighter shade such as lighter khaki or taupe, or this season�s hot colour grey and alternate with brightly coloured shirts and ties such as royal blues or fuscia pinks for a really modern look. If the occasion is even more laid back, wear a light suit without a tie as seen in Next's new hi Summer 2007 range on Next. This range includes lighter suits made from materials such as linen in pastel shades specifically designed for the upcoming summer months.

So now you don't need to worry about what to wear and concentrate on the more important stuff.. which bridesmaid is fitter and how to get more than the one free drink at the reception bar!

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