There's nothing like a city gent in a 'Double Cuff and Cutaway'?

Double Cuff and Cut away

The classic cutaway collar and double cuff, or French cuff as it is oft known, exude a certain style or so some would say. However, on the other side of the Atlantic they can be seen as somewhat pretentious. So which is it? The height of male chic or part of a pompous individual's wardrobe?

The double cuff is a shirt cuff on a dress or work shirt which has been folded back and is then closed with either silk knots (or as they are also known monkeys fists) or cuff links rather than buttons. The so called monkey fists are intricate silken knots which act in much the same way as cufflinks and have now become very fashionable.

The double cuff certainly does seem to be more popular in Europe than in North America where they are sometimes seen as overly formal.

The cutaway collar tends to be used with fashionably larger tie knots. It looks like a collar that has had too much material cut off it, but like the double cuff I believe it adds a certain, 'je ne sais qoui' to a gentleman's wardrobe. They can be purchased from designer shirt makers like Thomas Pink and Charles Tyrwhitt in Londons classy Jermyn Street.

Pretentious, stuffy, pompous..certainly not!

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