The right swimsuit for your body shape

Summer time will soon be here and while it may be gloomy outside it’s time to start thinking about your holiday wardrobe.

Sun loving ladies know that a fabulous bikini or swimsuit is a must-have for tanning in style this summer and at Mio Destino we have a fabulous selection of top European Designer brands ready to be shipped straight to your door.

You want to choose swimwear that is comfortable and that flatters your figure and we have plenty for you to choose from.

Here is some advice on what swimsuits flatter which body types, do you know yours?

1. Pear Shaped


If you're a pear shaped lady then you have wider hips, smaller shoulders and a waist that is bigger than your shoulders.

Is this your body type? Then the perfect swimsuit for you has a design, embellishment or shirring detail across the tummy. This will help define your and help you balance your figure.

You could also go for a swimsuit with a pattern at the top and a solid colour at the bottom as this will draw the attention to your upper body.

2. Apple Shaped


Women with an apple shape have small hips and broad shoulders. If you are apple shaped you might want to draw the attention to your lower body. In this case you should keep the top half of your swimsuit solid and go for some embellishment on your lower half.

3. Oval Shaped


If this is your shape then you would look wonderful in a deep V neck swimsuit or tankini. If you choose swimwear with a funky print or draping in the bust area you it will create a smaller waist visually.Oval shaped women have rounder and fuller shoulders and bust plus a rounded waist and hips.

4. Box Shaped

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Those ladies who's waist, hips and shoulders are all about the same width are box shaped. You want to look for a swimsuit that gives you a more curvaceous figure.

5. Hourglass Shaped 


We all know what the hourglass shape stands for, small waist with shoulders and hips that are a similar width.

If this is your shape then you are in luck as most swimsuits will work for you.

Look your best from every angle by choosing a swimsuit that is right for your body.

Browse our Swimwear collection today and make heads turn on your next holiday.

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