Texan lingerie store owner arrested for selling vibrators

Paris isn't the only sexy girl in jail!

The lingerie store "Somethin Sexy" in Lubbock, Texas was raided by police officers last week. Apparently, having six or more obscene devices violating the state's obscenity laws.

A saleswoman in the shop was arrested and now risks being charged with breaking the state obscenity laws for its sale of adult toys.

If the saleswoman is convicted she will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life!

The owner of the store is calling the arrest a witch hunt.

My question is: Does this mean there is a thriving black market with 'adult toys' in Texas? Are they all being bootlegged in from Oklahoma or smuggled across the Mexican border?

A recent survey in the UK found that 45% of women own a vibrator. Let's just hope our Texan girlfriends are not being deprived. How 'obscene'!

If the store clerk goes to jail, perhaps she'll be sporting these Free Paris knickers with our poor little friend, Paris.

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