Summery sandals for guys � girly?

Mens' feet are a thing of mystery. All year long they remain hidden in socks & slippers, shoes and trainers and when they do come out, what we see is a pale, pasty and hairy mess. As most women know, the key to healthy, sexy feet is to get them out in the sunshine. So come on men, unleash your feet and let them find those summer sandals they are dying to slip into!

Most men may be a bit wary of wearing summery sandals but with men's sections of the top retail outlets stocking more varieties than women's (I have noticed in some places!), they do not have to be girly as more and more of your strange species are wearing them. There are so many different types to choose from, and here are a few, so you won't get too lost.

Firstly is the thong. Far from being something you may find on your favourite FHM babe, it is the most popular type of sandal and is commonly known as the flip-flop. The toe post fits between the big and second toes and can be a bit difficult to wear at first but all it takes is a bit of practice, and as we have the whole summer to look forward to that gives you plenty of time! Leather flip flops look quite smart so they can be worn casually on a night out with a pair of linen trousers or jeans. The original rubber varieties are ideal for walking around slippery swimming pools and on the beach.

Dads' across the land will probably identify the next type of summer shoe, the original sandal. They usually have quite a lot of straps with a buckle fastening and can be quite bulky. However, instead of wearing them with brightly coloured socks in the blistering heat (obviously I'm talking about abroad - not "sunny" Blighty!), the modern versions are 'hip' enough to be worn with shorts and tough enough for long treks, whilst enabling those feet to stay cool and dry.

Slides are a sandal with one band across the foot to help it stay in place and are perfect for those of you who are not too comfortable with showing off too much flesh. They are very versatile and comfortable and like the other varieties, come in a range of colours, prints and materials for beachwear and just casually for drinks at the bar.

One of the best retailers of variety in men's sandals is Next. Visit your nearest store or if you're not yet comfortable with buying sandals, there is the Next online store and it's brilliant for viewing all the different types in one place. After all, we all know how you men hate trapsing around the shops when there's an important football game to watch!

One last thing, make sure your feet are in perfect condition before baring all at your local swimming pool. Nobody wants to see hairy toes and nails so long they need their own pair of sandals now do they?!

Go on get radical�SHOW SOME FLESH and why not wear some great swimwear to showcase it!

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