Lingerie Review- Modern Courtesan OOO Madam!!

Modern Courtesan Do Not Disturb Costes Maids DressModern Courtesan Spalicious Zen Mistress Spa DressModern Courtesan Do not Disturb Rivoli Set

OO la la, Modern Courtesan's new collection has got me all flustered!!It's amazing! Definiately not for the shy and retireing type, this saucy little line makes a perfect surprise for his birthday, anniversary, or simply if you want to spice things up a little. You can feel smug in the knowledge that you're hiding something really very special under your outerwear- he's guaranteed to be bowled over!

Or gents, if you're reading this, this range is a lot more classy than some of the cheaper high street imitations. Induldge her with the gorgeous red ruffle bra and pants combo, or go wild with the Zen Mistress Spa Dress. Champagne, strawberries etc are extras which I would advise for a real treat and to score even higher brownie points. Enjoy!

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