NEW! Fashion Tips for Men, Welcoming New Mio Destino Blog Fashion writer Natasha

A recent shopping trip to find my other half a pair of jeans resulted in me turning into the typical stressed out Saturday shopper, whilst my unperturbed partner casually sauntered along the aisles of Debenhams. He informed me that I should just take his credit card and choose all his clothes for him! I suddenly thought that no self respecting woman would ever give up the chance of going on a good, all day shopping spree, so why do men find it so daunting going shopping?

I have always been fascinated by the differences between the sexes - what they wear, how they think and how they act. What also fascinates me is the way in which most men seem almost desperate to impress women and how the majority of them get it wrong. To be fair, it is no fault of their own but I feel most men like to have help and guidance from a woman and that is what I am here, at the MioBlog to do.

From what to say on a first date, to what (not) to wear, I am here to offer my opinions. I will also let them know what to buy for their girlfriends at Valentines Day and Birthday gift time - forget the chocolates and flowers and roll on the lingerie and stockings! Not all men out there will agree but it is good to have another point of view - I think!

My contributions will be posted here at the Mioblog every week, so read on and email me at [email protected] or leave a comment - I'd love to see what you have to say!

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