Lingerie Trends 2009

As the year comes to a close, what trends are emerging for spring? Well, at Mio we’re happy to say that lingerie is emerging as a key player in the ‘look’ of the season. So much so in fact that Refinery29 took it upon themselves to supply readers with a list of bras and corsets which ‘will definitely make your dress-up routine a little more interesting’.

According to them, Fashion Week’s shows in September featured ‘structured bras and lacy satin camisoles worn beneath tiny jackets and shrunken cardigans’, which could seem a little daunting, especially after months of winter layers. However, we recommend picking something from Mio Destino which is beautiful – in case you should happen to want to show it off, while also serving its purpose as a garment, this way you will feel totally at ease and confident in what you are wearing.

Looking at the list by Refinery29, and the trends from fashion week in general it seems that texture is key. Think lace, satin, contrasting trim etc. If perhaps you do feel slightly nervous at the thought of showing off your underwear, perhaps try layering a delicate lacey bra under a sheer satin top. Subtle always looks good.

For this seasons trends brose Mio Destino's lingerie in the 'new in' section today!

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