Lingerie: The Recessionista’s Survival Guide

It’s the New Year and time to face the cold, hard truth of the economic down-turn, but who’s to say that that means it’s time to down-turn our fashion addictions! So if you’re not quite ready to let the credit crunch into your wardrobe, or indeed your lingerie drawer, then it’s most certainly time to make becoming a ‘recessionista’ part of your new years resolution.

Dubbed ‘recessionista’ means even the most frugal among us can continue to fuel to a fashion obsession – without breaking the bank; investing in some luxury lingerie is a sure fire way to feel the adrenaline of shopping, without having to max-out the credit cards. According to a recent survey by Cancer Research, one in five people will be hitting the nearest charity shop, to riffle through the rails of yesterday’s cast-offs, feeding the fashion swap-shop trend; one woman’s rubbish is of course, another woman’s diamond find.

However, if the thought of rummaging through musty seconds, doesn’t quite grab you, then investing in some beautiful lingerie might just be your recession survival guide. Luxury lingerie is an affordable alternative to blowing-the-budget on a pair of designer shoes or that ‘must-have-cant-have’ handbag. Devote some time to finding a soft, silky bra and some oh-so-sensuous lace knickers to feel the satisfaction that only a clutch full of shopping bags could once create.

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