Lingerie Review- Yes Master Halter Bra

Lingerie Review Yes Master

Mint Halter Bra

Unique Details:

100% silk, with chiffon frills and crystal detailing. Gorgeous and elegant halter strap made from luxurious silk.

Personal Opinion:

This bra is beautiful and striking, if you want something for that special occasion this is it! The silk halter straps add a hint of luxury and add that exclusive touch. The straps feel great against the skin and are so soft you barely notice them. The bra looks stunning from the back and has a great feminine and delicate feel to it, but with a quirky edge! The fit is great but the halter straps won't offer much support! Nevertheless, this bra is so sumptuous and is definitely a bra to keep for those special occasions! It would also look gorgeous peeking out of a top! To match this Yes Master Mint Halter bra there is a knicker. This set also comes in pink.

Comfort: 4/5
Fit: 4/5
Style: 5/5

Overall Grade: 4/5

This Yes Master Halter Bra is priced at £40, to purchase it now click here for Yes Master lingerie.

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