Lingerie - Flaunt Stylishly

As with many things in life, there is a fine balance between classy and trashy. This line becomes dangerously thin when related to exposed underwear – a hint of lacey black bra may look elegant on one woman but look painfully cheap on her friend.

How does one make sure they’re on the side of classy? Make sure you stick to simple silhouettes, sophisticated shapes – think 40’s and 50’s hourglass, and luxurious textures – silk, wool or cashmere. Be confident, but remember subtle is better, a sheer silk over a lacy bra is much more sophisticated than lace exposed by a low cut top.

That said if you are determined to flash a little bit of leg (or bra) do it with style. Whyred’s fall collection features garter attached cashwool Aiko panties are a prime example of how exposed underwear can make an outfit not break it.

So ladies, remember less is more, be confident and most of all make sure your flashing the good stuff – a cheaply fitting, tatty bra is not the most seductive look. Take a peak at Mio Destino’s sexy ranging to see how classy underwear is, you won’t be able to not flash it!

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