Are guys going 'straight'?

Increasingly in the last five years, men have been upping the stakes in the beauty world. It all started with tweaking the hair a little with more recently scaling up to full on facials and wrinkle cream. Although we women love a man who takes care of himself, do we actually want a man who has more products than we do? According to South Park episode (modern day's trend authority), a "metrosexual" is a straight man who styles his hair using three different products (and actually calls them "products"), loves clothes and the very act of shopping for them, and describes himself as sensitive and romantic.

The Metrosexual manwill spend up to two hours getting ready in the morning, to achieve the 'I haven't tried but still look gorgeous' effect. What time does that allow us gals to preen ourselves and put on our sexy lingerie?

Unfortunately, I have to admit my boyfriend's hair product collection is growing rather quickly, and he�s been known to dab a dot of concealer on a noticeable spot or two. Now, worryingly, the girls most prized possession, the GHD straighteners, have been brought out in a thin style, for shorter hair. For men, perhaps? And I know at least 5 men who straighten their hair, and concerningly, I don't actually think its that weird.

I okay with my boyfriend's support of the beauty industry and even moreso, I'm okay with him falling into the classification of "metrosexual", but I'd prefer that we don't talk about it. Somethings are better off left unspoken.


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