Finally – Topshop opens in New York

After months of hype Manhattan’s first Topshop has finally opened, much to the relief of the fashion crowd who have been talking about this new arrival since early last year. Originally the store was cited to open in Fall 2008 but due to construction delays and the store being, according to Philip Green ‘a logistical nightmare’ opening was delayed until last week. Luckily for Green the delay only heightened the anticipation and excitement of New Yorkers with the flagship store being hit by crowds since it opened.

Websites like ‘Racked’ are already offering shoppers tips on how to avoid the queues – suggesting that ‘the best way to beat the Topshop line is to a) go early, like 11am; and b) go during inclement weather’. New Yorkers are known to be tricky to please, they have high expectations of service and are easily irritated, after all the hype Topshop must work hard to meet expectations. Racked has already commented on the store having ‘entirely too few dressing rooms’, hopefully for TopShop their product will win over the masses – Manhattan certainly seems to want some British style!

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