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Cotton Club Lingerie for Spring Summer 2008

With the temperatures about to hot up for a sizzling summer, so is the trend for summer brights. Forget your dull grey and blacks (so dreary anyway- I dont know why winter clothes have to be so drab!), spring summer 2008 is about bright, brights, brights!

The genious designers at Cotton Club have created a great new line of vibrant coloured underwear to match your new wardrobe. Using bright orange, (which is set to be THE colour of the summer), and blue and white (sits perfectly with spring's nautical theme), Cotton Club sets are perfect to complete your look.

Whats more- even if you can see your bra strap- so much the better! Flash your underwear with other brights to give a more clashing look! Available on Mio Destino now- get ahead of the fashion pack and grab yours now!

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