Corsets – get slim and sexy with What Katie Did!

As the New Year’s diets start to dwindle, the weights we vowed would be used every day begin to collect dust and chocolate takes it rightful place back in the cupboard, some of us are still looking for that miracle cure without the painful exercise! Whilst control underwear is becoming a firm favourite with some women, just how effective are they at reducing the inches and clinching the waist?

Claudia Connell from Femail has tested some of the latest magic knickers on the market. Wearing a body suit by Lipo In a Box, Claudia was promised a flatter stomach, pert bottom and smaller waist. Unfortunately, like most of us who have abandoned the gym whilst sneaking a few extra cream buns into the supermarket trolley, those clever companies don’t cater for those tricky bingo wings. That is until now! Flabuless have thought of everything, toning those pesky arms in a matter of seconds. So it seems you really can drop two dress sizes without any effort.

Yet it seems a pity that all that hard work is hidden away and in such horrible material – that’s where the corset becomes queen. Flattening the tummy, clinching the waist and boosting the size of those boobs, the corset is ideal. Available in every imaginable style and colour, the corset can skim up to 4 inches from the waist whilst making you look and feel fabulous.

As the premier online retailer of designer lingerie, Mio Destino offers only the best in corsetry. Inspired by the old Hollywood opulence of the 1940s and 50s, What Katie Did is the perfect choice for those who want to instantly lose the pounds without having to resort to eating like a rabbit. See ladies, you can look sexy in shape wear. Go on…treat yourself from Mio Destino.

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