Colour is the New White in Mens Underwear

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White pants are going down.

But exotic, coloured, and labelled pants are coming up in their place.

Last year was the first year in which white briefs accounted for under half of the male underwear market since records began. I don?t know who keeps records of pants, but I suppose everybody needs a hobby. Nevertheless, it now means that designed, coloured, patterned, and labelled underwear is big business.

Women have had decades of dressing to impress underneath as well as on top. But now men, too, have realized that there is more to pants than white cotton and elastic. Pants can do more than shield sensitive areas from the scratchy interior of jeans; they don?t just have to provide support for sport and warmth for winter. They are now both fashionable and fun.

Which is why Mio Destino now stocks ranges from two of male underwear fashion?s hottest names. French brand HOM is the epitome of chic: the company have been honing their designs for decades. Their range is one of understated class, elegance, and sophistication, with a whole range of styles and fits (from long-johns to thongs) available in plain and patterned colours. If you?ve been wearing highstreet black and white boxer briefs for a while and want to take the next step up the ladder of cool, then check out our range of HOM briefs.

But if you?re looking for something altogether more ?cheeky?(!), then Canadian brand Ginch Gonchis for you. Their brazen picture-patterns, naughty taglines and quirky appearance will make any of their pairs unique in your pants drawer at home. If you are bored wearing a suit to work every day, then a choice from their Western range will make you feel deliciously mischievous all day. Sign up to be the first notified when the Ginch GonchAutumn/Winter 2007 collection becomes available at .

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