Buying Push Up Bras - there's more to it...

The push up bra is probably the best known type of bra in the world. The men out there sure seem to be familiar with it.

A garment that lifts and pushes your breasts together to create a fabulous cleavage sounds simple right? But a push up bra is not just a push up bra. You want a bra that gives you the right amount of confidence as well as support.

So there's a little bit more too getting your perfect push up bra nowadays but of course Mio Destino is here to help. 

A push up bra is a definite must have for your lingerie wardrobe but if you're planning on buying one you just need to ask yourself one important question: do I want to boost my cleavage a little or a lot?

Here's a little tip before you start buying any bras, make sure you know your size. There are still a lot of women out there who are wearing the wrong size bra so get your measuring tape, your calculator and get to measuring - our size guide page can help you out.

Once you've decided which push up bra you want, here are some cheeky suggestions from our online boutique...



... buy it and wear your new push up bra regularly. Try you bra with a number of outfits such as dresses, low cut tops and shirts and see if you're happy with the lift it gives you.

You could even have a little experimentation and buy a push up bra that boosts your cleavage a little and a lot. Then you can see which cleavage matches what outfit.

Boost your confidence and get those heads turning in your new push up bra today!

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