Lingerie Autumn/Winter09 Micro Trends

Lingerie rarely follows the big seasonal fashion trends but along the way the designers tend to pick up on the mini-trends, they don’t make the centre folds of fashion magazines but they usually assist in making up the significant looks of the runway. This fall lingerie has taken another step towards the fashion light and the results are staggering.

Inspired by lingerie corsetry, designers such as Charles Anastase and Richard Nicoll have used the popular corset lacing on tight skinny trousers (usually leather), over-the-knee boots and actual corsets which are making a huge comeback, underwear as outerwear is a top trend this coming season; lingerie brands like Vollers and What Katie Did would have defintely been an inspiration with their top quality corsetry.

Usually reserved for spring/summer Grecian-inspired dresses, it’s a surprise to see draping back in style- although it shouldn’t be; draping accentuates the body beautifully and it can even be an art form, especially on the runway. Quoted from this month’s Elle magazine, draping or other types of ‘surface interest’ make for a very sophisticated glamour.

Another huge hit is the sequin; small and delicate to create a shimmering glow and used all over as a bold statement on hard edged pieces from Rodarte, Balmain and Lanvin shows. Similarly, having been around for a few seasons, the stud is still among the fashion lovers but this season Marlies Dekkers has opted for the round stud rather than the traditional pyramid shape we have seen across the fashion spectrum, from biker jackets to Louboutin boots. The look nods in the bondage direction rather than ‘rock chic’, but there is still that feminine touch with delicate straps and Leopard print frills.

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