A Revolution in Men's Underwear

Ginch Gonch Underwear from Mio Destino

Funny + sexy = Ginch Gonch

Ginch Gonch is the "brat" of the underwear industry - and proud of it!

The company began as a protest against dull underwear for men. Why should black, white and grey be the only options? Bring on patterns, bright colours and exciting shapes! Ginch Gonch designs and produces high quality underwear which aims to be stylish, comfortable and fun.

Men enjoy watching women undress and, surprise surprise, women enjoy watching men undress too! Yes, really! So it's about time guys started exploring interesting, stylish, sexy underwear for themselves as well as for their wives and girlfriends.

Each Ginch Gonch design has a cheeky tagline. The double entendres abound! So why not "Tame your flame" in Firetracks, "Be Baaad" in Blue Bandana or "Get fully loaded" in Nice Guns.

Whatever your size and shape, Ginch Gonch wants to give men the courage to "dress to undress"! This is underwear that you will love to wear and share with your significant other, Believe me, she'll love you for it.

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