Who Wears the Pants in Your House?

Shigeo Kodama, 54, a Japanese construction worker was arrested for stealing a whopping 4,000 pieces of lingerie over a six year period. His construction background climbing skills meant that he was able to easily access unsuspecting homes, to steal various forms of underwear.

I know men love luxurious, sexy women's lingerie and maybe the odd man may try it on? But to steal over 4,000 pieces shows quite a degree of enthusiasm. Would you actually notice if your favourite item had gone missing? Most of us lazy Brits just assume it'll be amongst the washing and will eventually turn up somewhere.

Shiego is not the only panties stealer lately. Robert Boyd, 45 from Belfast dressed up as a female elf to steal two sets of bras, panties, suspender belts and stockings from a lingerie shop on the Lisburn Road! Addressing (or is it Cross-dressing!) the court, he said he had been involved in a role play, and accidentally confused fantasy with reality. It must have been the blonde curly wig, reading glasses and a beanie hat that he was wearing at the time that caught him out!

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