What Katie Did Hollywood Black Robe: What He Bought What She Really Thought…

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Joe – ‘I bought Laura the What Katie Did Hollywood robe for her birthday this year. She’d been hinting about designer lingerie and even left Mio Destino’s page open a few times on the laptop, I think last years present of her own pink DIY tool set didn’t go down so well! I wasn’t sure about sizes and stuff but I new she liked vintage fashion so I thought the robe was a good choice all round.’

Laura – ‘I decided not to leave Joe to his own present buying devices this year and left plenty of not-so-subtle hints lying about so he’d know the kind of thing I wanted but I still left the final decision up to him. I was really pleasantly surprised by the robe. I love all things vintage and the What Katie Did robe just felt like a really luxurious treat. It’s something I know I’ll get a lot of use and enjoyment out of swaning about the house feeling like Grace Kelly!’

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