Vintage Lingerie for a Pin- Up Girl

What Katie Did

Step back in to the 1950’s with sexy pin- up lingerie from Mio Destino. Introducing the retro faux- vintage lingerie style loved by celebrities and fashion icons alike, Mio Destino is excited to reveal the new designer lingerie collections from the new arrival of Kiss Me Deadly and the signature styling of What Katie Did lingerie.

Kiss Me Deadly
is a brand that exudes savage sexuality, Kiss Me Deadly lingerie is aimed at the smart femme fatale who demands nostalgic glamour, sensuality, style and something, oh so exciting, in her life. A classic display of lavish laces and scrumptious satin silks make the Kiss Me Deadly lingerie collection to die for. The fabulous lingerie collections are limited edition exclusives so get your taste of a 50’s classic while stocks last.

The new What Katie Did collection is oozing with sexy, flirty femininity from exquisite 1950’s lingerie designs, hourglass shape wear and contouring corsetry. What Katie Did retro corset designs are not simply inspired by the 40’s and 50’s but are actually made using vintage patterns which are adapted for women of today. What Katie Did vintage lingerie uses retro fabrics and manufacturing which were available at that time, all their corsets are steel boned and designed to minimise the waist by up to a dramatic 4 inches.

Indulge in the new Kiss Me Deadly and What Katie Did vintage lingerie collections today at Mio Destino and revitalise your wardrobe with a timeless chic pin- up style.